Information Paper 2021

Aligning Internal and External Integrated Reporting – to be released December 2021

Update the existing IRC Information Papers for the International <IR> Framework (2021)

  • Disclosure of Governance Information in the Integrated Report: An Information Paper Update the content for the new Board statement wording and include new information on the process disclosures per the revised <IR> Framework
  • Re-visit other Information Papers adding block inserts of new excerpts from the revised <IR> Framework, where relevant


  • Re-visit the existing online FAQs and update content where necessary and references to the revised <IR> Framework
  • Complete the FAQ: Disclosure of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) Recommendations in the Integrated Report
  • FAQ: Audience of the Integrated Report – revisit content and update for new references; working with the King Committee

 Comment submissions

To be responded to as they come in

 IIRC technical guidance notes

Any localising work deemed necessary


This is the technical work programme for the IRC Working Group for 2021.

Approved by the IRC Board

26 February 2021